Our commercial divisions has worked with some of Chicagoland's largest homebuilders as our clients:

The electrical distribution and control system is one of the most crucial components of your building, and just like the other equipment, it too requires maintenance, testing and inspection. System failures can create enormous expenses not only for the replacement or repair of your equipment, but also the expense of downtime.

Inland Electric technicians are experts at diagnosing and eliminating your electrical problems. Our preventive maintenance programs will help you to optimize the performance of your equipment and prevent power usage problems from affecting your operations.

We can also help you maximize the value and operating life of your existing equipment while keeping up with the continuously evolving technology. Our retrofit team can cost-effectively keep your company on the cutting edge of the industry.

Services we offer include:
system upgrades
retrofits and repair services
prime and standby power systems
preventive maintenance and testing
24-hour emergency service

Our years of experience, proven safety record and exposure to the latest technologies allows us to provide a variety of service and products to each of our clients:

   • Commercial
   • Residential
   • Maintenance
   • Voice/Data/Video
   • Design/Build
   • Service Fleet

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